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FGE Knowledge Bowl
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A fun, interactive way to test students' knowledge of their Education Pathway Curriculum and Code of Ethics for Educators!

Contest Purpose

In this competition students must demonstrate their familiarity with and understanding of their education pathway (TAP or ECE) curriculum and Georgia's Code of Ethics for Educators. Questions will be drawn from sections of the ECE and TAP curricula that overlap (human development, education professional organizations, education ethics, etc.). This competition requires students to demonstrate knowledge of pathway content and to think about an ethical issue and employ critical-thinking skills to assess the situation in light of the standards in the Code of Ethics. 


To participate, students must first thoroughly study the Code of Ethics and the Knowledge Bowl Study Guide. Working as a team, they will then participate in a live quiz-bowl type competition at FGE Day, utilizing Kahoot!, an Internet-based, digital classroom response system.

This competition is cross-walked with the following Education and Training Career Cluster Knowledge and Skill Statements: ESSO3, ESS04, ESS07, ESS08, EDC03, and EDC08. 


Competition Guidelines

  1. This competition is open to all schools attending an FGE Day event. FGE affiliation is not required for this competition. 
  2. You can compete in Knowledge Bowl only at the first FGE Day you attend this school year.
  3. You will need to submit an entry form in advance for the competition. Deadline to enter is the same as the registration deadline for the FGE Day you plan to attend.
  4. Each school may enter up to two teams.  There should be no more than three members on a team.
  5. Download and study the Knowledge Bowl Study Guide and PAGE's Code of Ethics brochure, including the eleven standards, associated definitions and all information in the brochure. 
  6. Each team will need to bring an internet accessible device for use during the competition.
  7. Students may bring a copy of the Code of Ethics to refer to during the competition; however, copies will not be provided to them.  No other reference materials are allowed during the competition.
  8. Team members may confer with each other during the competition.
  9. Coaches, chaperones, and others are not allowed to confer with students during the competition.
  10. The team who has accumulated the greatest number of points will be declared the winner of the competition.
  11. The top three winning teams will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and will be eligible to compete at the state competition on March 22, 2017, in Atlanta.


  1. Score will be kept by the Kahoot system. Scores are calculated based on the speed of a correct answer.  Each question starts off at a value of 1000 Kahoots, and the value counts down to 500 (at zero seconds). If a question is longer in time, then the points countdown happens slower.  So for example, if a question is 30 seconds long, and someone answers correctly after 15 seconds, they will get approximately 750 Kahoots.
  2. The team with the most points at the end of the competition will be declared the winner. First, second, and third place winners will be eligible to compete at state competition.
  3. There are no formal protests in the PAGE Code of Ethics Knowledge Bowl.  The teacher may verbally address the moderator about a question or procedure but must do so before the moderator moves on to the next question.  The moderator will decide what action, if any, is required. The moderator's decision is final.  It's all for fun!

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