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Short Video Responses to FAQs from PAGE Members
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Some of our best legal questions come from our newest teachers. Click the images for quick video responses to questions frequently posed to the PAGE Legal Department.



Video Response

What are our legal rights if we are falsely accused by parents and/or students?  
I’m know that reduction in force (RIF) is a local decision, but are there also state or federal guidelines?  
What does it take to dismiss a tenured teacher who performs poorly?   
Should a teacher sign a contract without an amount on it?   
Can a teacher who refuses to sign the contract be terminated?   
Is it okay to call a parent during class to have them speak with their child and correct their behavior?  
Can you refuse to teach a student who has threatened you or has become unruly or disrespectful?  
Are high school teachers guaranteed a duty-free lunch? And how long is that lunch?   
Are administrative decisions to release teachers based on experience, performance or teacher evaluations?  
How can our system contract us for 180 days, furlough us for three, and claim that they’re not breaking the signed contract?   
What are my legal rights and responsibilities if a fight breaks out inside of or outside my classroom?   
What are our First Amendment rights in regard to social networking sites such as Facebook?   
If we are contracted with a county that has cut a significant number of days, but are offered a contract in another county, can we get out of one contract in order to take the higher paying job?  
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